Luiza and Calin had a fabulous destination wedding on the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy. Their relationship is straight out from a movie – Luiza, the young, motivated journalist and Calin the stylist, passionate entrepreneur. They met one late night at a charity ball and even though their relationship had to take a few tests, their pure love finally won, just like in a happy ending movie. :)

The Cala di Volpe resort was amazing, a lovely cove on the cost of northern Sardinia that i completely fell in love with, beautiful mountains that end up straight into the sea, crystal clear emerald water a place that could be pretty close to heaven. I saw it as one of the hidden gems of the Mediterranean.

I will let you enjoy their story, a story they wrote and that i was fortunate and privileged enough to document.
The videography was realized by good friend, Antonio Morenilla, from Moreh Productions!

This wedding was held on an absolutely gorgeous day and though we had almost all the seasons in one day, the sun shined in all its glory in all the special moments that it was needed and the wind just helped up get some truly exquisite shots!

For all the group shoots i had one big admirer that accompanied me all the way through…¬† I love this little fellow. He even skipped the final, big group shot, of course he needed a photo for himself too!

I just could not end my day without some awesome night shots around the resort. I just had to take a few more! What a place!

Happy Wednesday everyone!